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10 Amazing AirBnB Apartments around the World

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AirBnB has a ton of exciting apartments and flats you can choose from, or you can rent an entire house, a castle, an igloo, a vehicle, or something else totally imaginative and unique!

If you are a world traveler and you love unique accommodations, you will definitely want to check out AirBnB before you plan your next vacation.

You’ll probably pay a lot less than you would for a hotel room, and you will have a one-of-a-kind experience you will treasure forever. If you have a cool property, you can also list it for rent for other travelers. Here are 10 exciting AirBnB apartments where you can stay around the world!

1. Spacious Airline Apartment (the Netherlands)

It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but this retired KLM airliner is a great choice for any vehicle lover. This airplane has two bedrooms, a number of bathrooms, and can comfortably accommodate four people. It’s fully equipped with a kitchen, internet services, television, and everything else you could need.

It’s also beautifully furnished. House rules state, “No flying, don’t use the inflatable emergency slide, smoking is not allowed when the non-smoking sign is on, and no marshmallow roasting with the jet engines.” The owners also request that you water their plants and feed their fish. “Please treat our plane like you treat your own plane.” Seriously, how awesome is that?

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2. Unique Apartment at Icon Brickell (Miami, FL)

This apartment gets kudos for presenting reasonably affordable luxury. It’s quite a striking place with its own indoor swimming pool and hot tub, what looks like a marble floor, wood-paneled walls, a fireplace, and a view of the water outside. There’s even a chandelier and some rather posh-looking furniture. Not bad for $189 a night, and you could save even more with an AirBnB coupon code. This place also includes an 840-square-foot balcony, a business center, and convenient access to downtown Miami.

3. Unusual Flat in an Old Factory (London, England)

This is a fascinating spot to stay with an interesting exterior, an incredible view of the city (including the Shard), and a fun, eccentric, minimalist interior. It is the only flat on the 5th floor of the old factory, so you get to enjoy some peace and privacy here. The small balcony makes a wonderful place to sit and take in the views.

4. River Room, Bellingen Treehouse (Gleniffer, NSW, Australia)

This room for rent is high in the trees and located inside an incredible house constructed by famous Australian architect Richard LePlastrier. During the day, you can explore the amazing pathways in the surrounding forest or go swimming in the Never Never Creek. At night, you can listen to the rustle of palm fronds and the calls of night birds.

The room itself features an open, spacious design and light, natural materials. Even the walk to the bathroom on a catwalk among the trees is an incredible experience! For nature lovers visiting Australia, staying at the River Room is a must! This incredible room costs only $111 a night. Save even more money with a coupon for AirBnB.

5. Ruwenzori – Off the Tracks! (Cooks Gap, NSW, Australia)

If you’re a vehicle lover, you probably thought we couldn’t match the earlier listing for an apartment in an old airliner, but this listing easily rivals it. If you are visiting Cooks Gap in Australia, you have the chance to stay in an old train! Not just any old train either, but a vintage train with three antique railway carriages, one constructed clear back in 1890! We’re talking about wood-paneled walls, beautiful, comfy old furniture, elegant drapes, and all the old-fashioned charm and glamour you would expect if you took a trip back in time on a luxury line.

The grounds are lovely too, with an outdoor patio area under a beautiful awning between two of the carriages. It really does not get much cooler than this!

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6. Very Original Flat in Montmartre (Paris, France)

There are a lot of listings on AirBnB that term themselves “unique” or “eccentric,” but this is one of the few that really qualify. You can rent the entire studio apartment for $115 per night. It is difficult to describe what makes this apartment so intriguing, but suffice to say that the architecture is unique, with beautiful skylights, rustic cinderblock walls, and beautiful hardwood floors. It’s got an artsy vibe, and is exactly what you imagine when you try to picture something classically Bohemian.

7. Exotic Apartment in Lisbon, Alfama (Lisbon, Portugal)

If you’re visiting Portugal, be sure to place a reservation at this unique apartment for a very reasonable $72 per night. It’s an odd-looking place with rough walls that make you feel like you are standing in a cave and old-fashioned timber beams overhead. It’s modeled to look like a country house, but it is actually part of a 350-year-old palace.

8. Self-Catering Cave Flats in Goreme (Goreme, Turkey)

Or, if you are visiting Turkey, you can stay in an actual cave. Yes, you can actually stay underground here! Traditional décor and comfortable furnishings make this a wonderful place to stay while exploring Cappadocia.

9. Spectacular Church Apartment – Ealing (Greater London, England)

If you love historical churches, you will definitely want to stay in this converted church apartment. It has all the classic elements of a gothic church including exposed beams, stained glass windows, and incredible masonry.

10. Casa Dos Chicos Hilltop Villa (Nayarit, Sayulita, Mexico)

Last but certainly not least, check out this amazing rooftop apartment in Mexico. It costs $350 a night, so you definitely will want an AirBnB promo code. This villa has beautiful rooms with brightly-colored décor and incredible interior design, breathtaking views of the tropical surroundings from the rooftop living area, and several swimming pools.

These are just a few of the unique accommodations you will discover on AirBnB. With these amazing places to stay at incredible prices, you will never be tempted to place a reservation at a hotel again! Just search for an AirBnB discount code, enter in your destination, and see what comes up!

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