May 23, 2018
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incorporate a small and modern futon into your modest floor plan

The futon is a furniture with many purposes. It is designed to be dual action; that is, a lounge couch by day and a bed by night. The most comfortable futon is one that offers the best of both worlds, for not all futons are created equally. A small futon is meant for its convenient size and is not usually equipped to be a full-on sleeper. A modern futon is a higher-end sleek lounger with plush bedding. All of them have their aesthetic value, their usefulness and their affordability.

All futons are great for smaller houses, apartments and studios. They are ideal to incorporate in a floor plan for a living or recreation room. A small futon is a modest accessory; they’re built for style, comfort and suitability. Futons also make great guest beds.

A good couple of guidelines to remember is that metal frames generally don’t hold up as well as wood frames do. Innerspring futons are better for sleeping than cotton or foam futons, which are basically good, fun convertible couches.

Let’s look at two different futon models for comparison:

DHP Lodge Futon

This small futon is $138. It is extremely simple to set up and has a wooden frame with plastic legs and some metal screw-in components. The futon mattress has microfiber upholstery, so it’s easy to clean with a damp washcloth or a lint brush. It has a “click clack” adjustable hinge mechanism for lightweight sitting, lounging and sleeping.

The style is simple and nonchalant for any modest dwelling. This lodge futon will pass as a single-person sleeper for a few nights, but the full foam mattress and smaller dimensions don’t make it a good permanent bed. It is lightweight, so it isn’t a cumbersome futon, but it is sturdy enough for mild use and holds up well for the price.

Additional features:

  • The dimensions are 70 inches long and 39 inches wide. It’s a little smaller than a twin bed and is best for people under 5 feet and 10 inches.
  • The futon comes in three different colors: jet black, brown or charcoal.

Woodbury Futon

For $485, this modern futon is 100 percent polyester suede with a complete hardwood frame. It requires a more complicated setup than the small lodge futon, but it has the most comfort of practically any other futon. With its special “side loaded technology,” the innerspring mattress easily converts to a full size bed. The microfiber upholstery needs to be spot cleaned for the best care and maintenance.

This is definitely the most comfortable futon, and it’s designed to be humble and sufficient for living rooms, dens and even bedrooms. It can sleep two people for sustainable periods of time. It can easily pass as the most luxurious guest or personal bed for weeks or months.

Additional features:

  • The dimensions are 75 inches in length and 54 inches wide. It is a full or double sized bed that will typically fit anybody.
  • The three futon colors available are black, peat or navy blue.
  • The frame comes in red, olive, chocolate, black, peat or navy blue.
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty.