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House Trailers For Sale: How to Find the Right House Trailer for Your Tiny Home

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house trailers for sale how to find the right house trailer for your tiny home

A trailer is the gypsy wagon of your tiny house. It will be carrying everything; all your dreams and hopes of a tiny home will rest upon this trailer. Finding a sturdy house trailer for sale that suits the size of the house is essential, and it’s probably the most important purchase you will make. Here, we will be considering the highs and lows of finding house trailers for sale.

New And Improved

There are new house trailers for sale that are designed specifically for tiny houses. The good ones come flat decked with steel flanges that make it possible to attach and build a house on without going over the sides. They carry the weight with heavy duty tires, axles and steel beam decking and come equipped with running lights and electric brakes.

These are high-end trailers that usually run for about $2,000 and up. Buying one of these babies takes the load off of your mind and puts it onto the trailer, where you can be sure that it’s safe and secure. However, finding someone who manufactures them locally might be the challenge, and it could require a long drive to pick one up.

Used And Affordable

For those who are wary of spending too much and would rather buy a used trailer, there are still plenty of good options. What most people recommend is a standard flatbed, often called a utility trailer. These almost always come with side railings on them, and they will more than likely have to be taken off to fit or build the tiny home.

Trailers have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR, which is how many pounds it can hold. This depends on the axles. Some axles can hold 3,500 pounds each and others hold 5,000 pounds. There is a good chance that the trailer you find will come with two axles, so the total weight that it can hold will either be 7,000 or 10,000 pounds.

The average size hitch ball will be around 2 to 2 5/8 inches. These are easily manageable and can be replaced for about $30. Of course, the brakes and break lights will also need to be hooked up to the hauling vehicle.

Trailers can be found by searching the Web, the newspaper or by asking around locally. There is no shortage of them, you just have to be persistent. A trusty old trailer usually averages around $500 to $1,500. Here are some extra tips for trailer searching:

  • Browse the internet daily – this never ceases to be a useful tactic. New things are uploaded on the Web daily, so a routine search through Craigslist, eBay or Pininterest will inevitably yield some interesting results.
  • Use the right keywords – trailers have many names. Try “car trailer,” “utility hauler,” “tiny house trailer” or just “trailer.” People tend to be either very descriptive or not descriptive at all.
  • Cruise local camper, RV and marine sites – there are so many trailers for sale that never make it public at all. Camper and RV camp sites can potentially have left behind trailers, and marine sites can provide phone numbers and other good leads.

The trailer is to a mobile home what a concrete slab is to a stationary abode. Invest wisely. This is nearly 18 percent of the total cost of building or buying a tiny mobile home.