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Your Guide To Finding A Quality Teardrop Camper For Sale

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your guide to finding a quality teardrop camper for sale

Teardrops are the most efficient little travel trailers on the road. They are the most light-weight, accessible and affordable campers the market today. Finding a teardrop trailer for sale isn’t even as hard as it may sound, either.

In the last decade, small travel trailers have re-emerged in popularity. Before about 2008, big and luxurious RVs had out-competed many teardrop trailer manufacturers simply because of the lack in demand. The rising tide of gasoline prices and other nationwide economical problems have suddenly made teardrop campers look so much more attractive.

These are small, teardrop-shaped campers that have one room for a queen or full size bed and a back trunk. Most people use the truck as a kitchen, with a table, stove and some built-in cabinets. Some people even manage to put in an oven and a sink. Teardrops are usually framed with wood, aluminum or fiberglass.

Many people are looking for teardrop campers for sale where some are building their own. Both of these are very achievable. For the sake of an ideal price range, we will be focusing on a teardrop camper for sale to build below $5,000.

Finding Teardrop Trailers For Sale

Quality teardrop campers for sale can average anywhere from $2,900 and up, depending on how complete the camper will be with comforts and amenities. The more luxuries it has, the pricier it will be. It is better to simplify as much as possible. Buying a teardrop shell that is personally furnished after purchasing it is definitely the cheapest route.

Also an option is to buy a vintage teardrop that needs refurbishing. These are used campers that were built anywhere from the 1930’s to the 1980’s and are in dire need of repair or remodel to be used. Sometimes all they need is a little love and attention, with some luck. Often, the cost of what goes in a refurbishment still comes out less than buying a new teardrop camper.

To really get the best deals, it is necessary to frequent the right sites. Some sites, like Pin Interest, provide great leads to great teardrop trailers for sale. Otherwise, stay on the lookout on eBay and even Craig’s List. There are also few manufacturers out there that have teardrops on the cheaper side. With time, ardent online searching can yield very good results.

Build It Yourself

Those who opt to build their own teardrop can do so for under $2,000. It is relatively easy for someone familiar with simple math and wood construction. With the right tools and resources, a teardrop trailer can be built within 3 to 6 months, assuming that it would be worked on 18 hours every weekend.

These are some of the materials needed to build a teardrop trailer:

  • towing trailer,
  • vent,
  • screws,
  • hinges,
  • plywood or aluminum,
  • wood glue and
  • paint or aluminum molding.

Many of the materials can be purchased online. It is especially possible to find and use recycled materials. Teardrops manufactured after World War II, for instance, were built from old jeep tires and aluminum salvaged from the war.

Just as important are the tools necessary for building the camper:

  • framing square,
  • wireless drill and drill bits,
  • wrenches, depending on the size and model of the trailer,
  • saws, like jigsaw, sabre saw, scroll saw, coping saw or table saw,
  • C clamps,
  • belt sander and
  • a router.

Well worth every amount of effort is either finding a teardrop camper for sale or building one. They are the most portable trailers and can be pulled by almost any vehicle, even a few motorcycles. They are also very comfortable for camping in year-round, so long as they’re well insulated. Once you have one, it might be hard not to sleep in it every night!


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